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Do you like wine? Do you like saving money? Do you like making money?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, then the MILFadvisors Wine Club is for you! Whether you’re a seasoned wine snob or still testing your palate and/or just want more variety in your life (and wine stash)… you’re in good company- join the club!

What Is MILFadvisors Wine Club?

It’s a wine club…. as in, you get 2-4 bottles of wine each month, sent to you for one low price. You get together with friends, family, a PTA meeting or by yourself after a stressful day and enjoy your wine, then share your experience! Pretty simple stuff. The exciting part is the wine itself: every month something new and different from all parts of the world- high quality, unique and delicious! You can reorder what you like at discount and use your wine for dinner parties, gifts, meetings, special occasions… I mean, it’s wine… it’s universal. Just drink it, share it… and repeat!

The MILFadvisors Wine Club is simple:

  1. Join the Club
  2. Enjoy Your Wine
  3. Share Your Experience

This is how it works:

Join as a customer and get 2-4 bottles of amazing wines from around the world, delivered to your door each month, for wholesale prices AND FREE SHIPPING! You also get a detailed description of where your wine came from, it’s vineyard notes and information to help better educate you on your monthly selection and impress your friends and family when sharing it with them! A new selection is sent to you month after month and you can even choose whether you prefer reds, whites, or both!

When you join the MILFadvisors Wine Club, you also have the opportunity to share your experiences in our MILFwine social discussions, as well as attend or even host local wine tastings. Totally your choice and lots of fun!

What’s better than wine? How about FREE wine?!

By joining the MILFadvisors Wine Club as a customer, you can also get your next month’s wine shipment for FREE! How, you ask? Just by sharing your wine with 3 of your friends or family who decide to join too! Simply suggest the wine club to them and when 3 friends or family sign up every month, your next shipment is FREE. It’s called the 3 for Free plan and it really is that simple!

A Wine Club that PAYS?

Even better than “just” a wine club, we also offer a way for our MILFs and men to get paid to drink! Especially if you’re already sharing your wine and getting it for free… might as well get paid on top of it! Join as a Premium Wine Lover and get paid for every new member you bring into the wine club! Build a deliciously easy business or make some extra cash in your spare time… by simply drinking and sharing your wine with friends, family and wine lovers! This is a particularly great option for stay at home moms, women and men wanting to start their own business, perfect for networking professionals, or for anyone who loves wine AND a little extra change in their pocket! We have a whole team of wine lovers who GET PAID TO DRINK WINE… and you can too! Contact Us with any questions!

That’s it!

There are no hidden fees, you can re-order what you like, free shipping, give it away as gifts for friends, use it for yourself, share with others, create your own business if you want… and even get it for free… plus you can cancel at any time (but who would want to do that!)

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