Throughout the month of October, people everywhere will be “thinking pink” in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. From attending charitable events and raising funds toward Breast Cancer research to shopping for products that donate proceeds to… by

Think Pink Through October!

Have you ever had the classic campfire treat, S’mores? S’mores is probably one of my favorite fun desserts, especially with children! Here’s the quick MILFmeal recipe that requires no campfire and barely anything more than what you might find in your cupboard. These are great for sleepovers, BBQ’s, Potlucks and […]

MILFmeals: Quick Cupboard S’mores

  What is The Surrogate? When I first heard of The Surrogate, I immediately smiled to myself and thought, “I could SO do that!”  It’s a genius radio contest more related to a casting call than anything and basically, Lauren Michaels, who is one of the personalities on a local […]

The MILFadvisor as The Surrogate?!

  Spring is here, summer is on it’s way, so we all know the number one topic: The Spring/Summer Catwalk Trends!   Let’s start with some colour trends. This sunshine-season the pink colour shades are a big hit! But also gold, mint… by


Vanity plates are one of those things that I had always wanted, but saw absolutely no reason in paying extra money for, without a specific cause… now I’ve got one. Before MILFadvisors, I never had any reason to get vanity plates, but once I began my venture, my opinions on […]

Vanity Plates: The DMV vs. MILFadvisors

Nothing tastes better than pumpkin cranberry in the fall. That is why we’re kicking off our holiday launch with some of the best MILFmeal recipes we have that include this perfect pairing! This Crock Pot Pumpkin Cranberry Custard is a simple holiday dish that can be made ahead of time […]

MILFmeals: Crock Pot Pumpkin Cranberry Custard