About MILFadvisors

MILFS or ‘Moms I Like Following’

Where naughty and nice come together to re-discover the woman behind the mom, and EVERYTHING in between!

MILFSMILFadvisors is a community of MILFS (Moms I Like Following), Maidens and Men, who are raw, real, sarcastic and supportive. MILFS use the power of social influence and discuss real-world issues, share humor and opinions and focus on things like cooking, careers, wine, health & fitness, plus much more. Our goal is to change ‘Objectification Into Inspiration’ through our website, stories, posts, blogs, stores/products, fundraisers, and events. MILFadvisors seeks to redefine the mom you think you have to be, or have been labeled as, and focuses more on who you are destined to become! Being a MILF is more than a name, it’s more than a label or an attitude… it’s a lifestyle by your own definition! You deserve to rock your own world, so welcome to ours!

A MILFS Motto: Motherhood, Inspiration, Leadership, and Feminism 

Though everyone has different experiences, many moms face similar daily challenges and struggles, regardless of who we are or where we live.  Although some issues are more serious or stressful than others, MILFadvisors was created to share everything from personal experiences & stories to ideas, info, recipes, support, resources, education, humor, and inspiration. 

The MILFadvisors mission is ‘Redefining our future through Motherhood, Inspiration, Leadership, and Feminism.’ The main MILFmotto is #MomsILikeFollowing, but there are many meanings of MILF like #MakingItLookFabulous and #MomsIntoLiftingandFitness. The point is, no matter who we are or what do in life- we define ourselves! And though we hope you share our love of acronyms, more importantly, we hope you share our love and respect for hardworking moms around the world. Because being a MILF isn’t about being sexy; it’s about being a great mom… and that makes it sexy! 

Remember MILFS #MakeItLookFabulous!