Ellisia Jesnes

Ellisia JesnesMeet Ellisia Jesnes

She hails from Nashville and is fiercely driven by her love of music, writing, photography, and all things creative.  While in college, working as the lead promoter for the Faison Group,  her innovative campaigns helped to build some of Nashville’s most recognized entertainment venues.  But it wasn’t enough.  She had an itch and so she pushed outside the box and against the advice of friends and family, left school to begin traveling with artists.  She spent the next few years capturing their images thru her Pentax K1000, and writing their stories.  It was during this time she discovered her prowess and realized she could live the life of her dreams, if she just counted on her unique ability to connect with people through the arts.  She lives by her own rules, and her life is centered around motherhood, and inspirational existence. She is the proud mother of a beautiful little boy who serves as a constant muse for all of her creative endeavors.  They enjoy their coastal life, and Ellisia Jesnes earns a living from her living room in Savannah, consulting nationally in the areas of Brand Strategy, Social Media, and Mobile Marketing.