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Being A Single Parent Family Is Hard But Not Hopeless

You, the single mom, are amazing. You wear a lot of hats: friend, advisor, disciplinarian, taxi service, among countless others. You make the ultimate sacrifice on a daily basis.

Single Parent Family

You may work multiple jobs, but always find a few extra minutes between never and always. You’re exhausted to the bone, but never too tired to be needed. You have a million thoughts in your head, but never forget birthdays, school plays, or class projects.

You’re a superhero, but every hero needs help sometimes.

Help Contribute to the Single Parent Family By A Simple Donation is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to helping mothers get through rough times.    They are only able to help as many mothers as donations and funds allow… they’ve even helped Mama MILF out in the past as well, which is an amazing and inspiring story that you can read more about here on  Because of the assistance, love, care and concern they’ve supported us with, this is our way of trying to “pay it forward” for them- since they insist we don’t pay it back.  Please, if you want to support single mothers and MILFS but don’t know how- we urge you to donate to this wonderful organization.  We personally guarantee that all contributions go to hardworking mothers and their children… changing lives by delivering little miracles that only a mother could ever understand.

To donate or learn more information, please call: (312) 437-4AID
or email:

Are You A Single Parent Family: Aid4Mom.Org


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