Electric Youth: Look Younger With Galvanic Technology 3

Anyone remember that old song by Debbie Gibson, called Electric Youth?

Here’s a trip down memory lane for shits and giggles, in case you forgot:

Electric Youth… Feel the power, you see the energy… Comin’ up… Coming on strong. The future only belongs- To the future itself/in the hands of itself… And the future is- Electric Youth! It’s true you can’t fight it- Live by it- The next generation… It’s electric!

She used to be my idol way back in the day… and unfortunately, I mean WAY back… as in 20+ years!  For me, that’s been 20+ years of my Electric Youth, fading away with laugh lines, over-exposure to the elements, motherhood and stress!  Granted, I’m still considered younger to most, but I’m still an aging 30 year old MILF who is all too aware of the signs of my Electric Youth slipping away.  Time has taken its toll, and it’s not just on my face; it also includes my stretch-marked, tiger-striped belly; cellulite sacrificed thighs;, as well as my underarms; and even my neck!

Honestly, thinking about it made me want to cry… or run to the nearest ‘Fountain of Youth,’ which we all know is about as real as a flying pig.  All the creams I’ve invested in as well as soaps, lotions, gels, peels, masks and scrubs have done nothing but cost me money and clutter up my bathroom closet.  Little Miss Electric Youth Debbie Gibson had no friggin clue what in the hell she was talking about… or did she?

Recently, I was introduced to a new technology that, at first, seemed too good to be true.  It’s supposed to reduce the signs of aging, fix your complexion, soften wrinkles, helps hair growth and even rejuvenates your body!  It also boasts that its powers make stretch marks disappear!  Holy hell- sign me up, right?  This product I speak of is called the Galvanic Spa System II, and it’s offered by a NYSE publicly traded company called Nu Skin.  The name of the company makes sense, paired with this tiny skin revitalizing device- though Nu Skin also offers a multitude of additional health, wellness and beauty products, too.

Electric YouthI was asked to take it home and try it out; Ummm… SURE!  So with a little research, a lot of curiosity, and only blemishes and laugh lines to lose, I did.  Let me just tell you- this thing is unreal!  It’s a small little device, paired with gel-like lubricants (very similar to something like an ultra-sound monitor) that has several different settings and levels for different parts of the body.  With fairly simple instructions (and I say fairly because I’m one of those people who likes to pretend that I already know the instructions without thoroughly reading them first), it only takes 5-10 minutes per area of the body, and is extremely easy to use!

Basically, what this miracle-worker does, is uses galvanic current, which travels through your body, and much like a circuit, works with the machine to complete the process.  Think back to science class when your teacher was explaining how a circuit works: wire to the battery, connected to the light bulb, which is connected to another wire and back to the battery… put them all together and BOOM- you have power!  This is much like that- and your body is part of the circuit, using galvanic cell technology and ageLOC® science, which is set to dramatically diminish the appearance of aging.

True Electric Youth!

So obviously, the next question you want to ask is; does it work?  Lets just say that if they want this back from me, they’re going to have to rip if from my cold, dead hands first, because it’ll only be over my dead body before I let go of it.  I’m so totally not joking.  Immediately, after one use, I noticed results in my complexion, and also on my stretch marks (I had done both my face and my belly).  Funny thing is, I completely used it wrong on my face (take note of above, and my unwillingness to completely read instructions), yet it still produced positive results right away!  Psyched, I sent a couple before and after shots to my room mate, who was out of town at the time and even she couldn’t believe it!  When she came home, I had her try it; had her watch me use it; and again, more positive results for both of us!

Fortunately, I’m a girl that likes facts and proof over ere-say and good marketing strategists… so I decided to conduct my own little experiment.  This experiment is still in progress, but what I did was start by taking a before picture of both my face (which was horribly blemished from a ton of recent stress and years of scarring), and my mother-marked belly.  That was just four days ago, and with each treatment I’ve done, I’ve taken a picture to document the results.  No, I’m not going to share this with you just yet… still haven’t mustered up the chesticals to publicly humiliate myself by posting belly shots… but after a few more treatments I sure will!  My face too! I can’t wait to show everyone my new Electric Youth!

If anything, as I continue to post more blogs and pictures of my various activities, try to pick out or see if you notice the differences.  I plan on doing a 3-4 week trial… but I swear to you that if the results continue to be as good as they’ve been in just 3 treatments (per body part, so far) – then I may be updating you much sooner!  In the meantime, I’ve included a link to a video that explains the Galvanic Spa System II, galvanic current and also shows some  results on a few other women- but this is also for men, too!

So maybe that teeny-bopper Deborah Gibson was right:  “The future only belongs- To the future itself/in the hands of itself… And the future is- Electric yYouth!”  This galvanic glory belongs in my hands- and yours- and with it, we really have found a new form of ‘Electric Youth!’  And by the way, if you don’t know the song, or now it’s stuck in your head from years of trying to forget… I’ve included the video link below.  Hahaha… you’re welcome!

Debbie Gibson’s “Electric Youth”

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