MILFS Can Be Fight Chix, Too!

I was super stoked this week when I saw an article published from our friends at FightChix, which featured our very own Roni Taylor as their ‘Wonder Woman‘ of the week!  I was even more stoked when I saw that I had received a shout-out in the article as well! Thank you, guys!

I met the owners of FightChix, Elisabeth and Jake Nuesser, last October while celebrating my 30th birthday weekend at the ‘Pimp N’ Ho’ Costume Ball, held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Pimp N’ Ho is a wild, music-filled party, originally created and hosted by another friend of mine, John Huntington, world-renowned promoter, DJ and founder of Huntington Ink Tattoo Lounge in Las Vegas. Who’d have thought that this would be the setting of something more than just a Halloween celebration? It was that and so much more!

We all had a great time at the party and, little did we know, it was the beginning of a beautiful, cross-promoting relationship for everyone involved! My old website, (still live but not active) had just launched and I was looking for women to feature as my “MILF of the Month,” (MOM). When I met Elisabeth and found out what she had created for the world of women MMA enthusiasts- I was sold- and she was featured as my MOM in January, 2012. Through this, I was also able to help further promote our MILF Roni, and she’s now helping promote the FightChix team and apparel line through her modeling efforts and featured Wonder Woman article!

The FightChix mission is exactly in line with what being a MILF is all about. Taken from their site, “FightChix has become a lifestyle brand for all the women in the world that have overcome struggles to reach their potential. Fight Chix is for the women who will be the future leaders of the world. Fight Chix is for women who are not afraid of a challenge and meet it head on. Fight Chix is Sexy. Fight Chix is Strong. Fight Chix is Empowering Women Worldwide.” Sound familiar? Well, they do say, ‘Great minds think alike!”

Make sure you check out their website and if you haven’t read the article featuring our very own Roni Taylor– then you can do it here. Keep fighting MILFS… er, umm… CHIX!


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