MILFS We Praise You

“Please allow me to thank you and praise you for everything that you and the other MILFs do…”

MILS: We Praise YouBeing a MILF is the hardest job in the world: It never ends, we don’t get breaks, paid vacations or promotions for doing well and very rarely do we receive the kind of praise you would think someone as great as a mom should really expect.  What we do get is love from our kids (at least they praise you), cherished memories and a lot of great experiences, but we also get grief for messing up sometimes, hardships from outside forces and constant daily stress from trying our hardest to just keep it all together.

The other night, I had received an email from a follower on Facebook.  I’ll be honest; when I quickly browsed the subject line which read, “A Man’s Praise and Gratitude For MILFs‏,” my beaten down MILF mind was skeptic at its contents, but I was, to say the least, intrigued.   I mean, how many times  does someone come straight out and basically say: I praise you?  So I read on… and by the end of it, half in tears and smiling ear to ear, I just knew I had to share this with the rest of my MILFS to show everyone the praise you all receive from people who don’t even know you.

MILFS We Praise You ALL


I originally intended to sit down and right this at Mother’s Day, but didn’t for some reason. Then I planned to write it and send it to you on June 24th, in honor of my mom’s birthday, but again forgot. Now that this is fresh in my mind again, I’m forcing myself to sit down and take the time to write you. To thank and praise you and the other MILFs for what you do, and most importantly, taking the initiative to do it.

While a lot of single guys avoid women with kids, I guess you could say I prefer them. While Freud may have a few theories about this, he may be on the right track. I want a woman like my mother. Now, please allow me to explain

I am the fourth of five kids, with 16 years between the oldest and the youngest. My father made a career out of the Marine Corps. Whether it was three tours in Viet Nam or his mandatory 6 months out at sea every other year, my mom raised us all pretty much on her own, with help from her mom, and her grandmothers, if we were stationed near them. Three generations of mothers to raise five kids while my father was out doing what our government asked him to.

Whenever the Marines would get sent out to sea, their spouses would all march down to the welfare office to file paperwork and start collecting checks. I guess there was some loophole that allowed them to qualify. My mom was too proud to do it, however. Instead, she worked during the day and went to school at night, learning to be an accountant. She still made time to go to our recitals, concerts, parent-teacher meetings, and help us with our homework. Yes, we didn’t have as much time together as we would have if my dad was home, we still made the most of it.

That alone might seem like something to commend and be thankful for, but I want to tell you how these women really effected my life and made me who I am today.

My mom loved to play the piano and we always had one in the house. She started teaching me how to play when I was 4 years old. As I got older, I learned to play different instruments and we’d often play duets together. She planted a seed that would grow into an intense love for music. As I mentioned earlier, she went back to school to be an accountant and used to drill me in math all the time. I had to learn to problems quickly I my head without any paper or a calculator.

As I told you on Facebook a while ago, my lifelong dream was to go follow my dad’s footsteps and make a career out of the military. Sadly, I shattered my ankle when I was 15 and the military told me not to let the door hit me on the way out. I had no idea what I wanted to do at that point. Because of my mom drilling me in math and the other support she gave with my education, I had the grades to get into college. Because of the love for music she planted me, I earned enough scholarships to pay for school. I graduated with a degree in Music Education and went on to be a high school band and choir teacher. Little things that would seem unimportant to me, or to anyone else with the aspirations I had, became some of the MOST important things I could’ve ever spent time on. Things that she took the time out of her hectic schedule to support me with.

When my mom was in school or working late during tax season after finishing it, someone had to cook dinner. My older siblings didn’t want to and if we let my dad do it, if he was home, he’d burn the string beans. Right around this time, my grandmother had a “vision,” as all grandmothers do, that I was going to need to learn how to cook. She honestly thought I was going to marry a woman that couldn’t, so it was important that I learned how. So my grandmother started teaching me how to cook. It wasn’t long before I would be the one cooking if my mom wasn’t home for dinner.

While I was still in college, my dad was transferred to the San Francisco Bay Area. After I graduated, I decided to pack up and move out there to be closer to my family. I quickly learned that the starting salary for teachers in the Bay area is pretty much the equivalent to working fast food here. Thanks to my grandmother teaching me to cook, I never became that literal “starving musician.” I taught during the day and worked as a cook at night. I even took on gigs and other odd jobs to help keep my finances secure. Which is yet another trait I learned from my mother.

It was strong women that made me who I am today. Yes, my dad did a lot for me and taught me what it is to be a real man, a real gentleman, and a real dad. But it was my mom , with help from her mom, that taught me the things that made the biggest impact in my life. And they did it while raising other kids and maintaining their other responsibilities.

I can honestly say that I have no idea where I’d be right now without the support of strong mothers.

So please allow me to thank you and praise you for everything that you and the other MILFs do. It was the support of people that cared that helped my mom do everything that she did. It’ll be the support network that you and the MILFs build that will help struggling mothers do the things that they need to. Whether it’s resources, confidence, or knowing they’re not alone, you empower them. They’ll go on to raise kids like me who will help continue the cycle.


Rob, please allow me to thank and praise you- for your acknowledgement, support, care and consideration.  I hope this letter is read by MILFS that need to be reminded that there are still good men out there that respect us and are in our corner.  MILFS: I praise you as well- for all the reasons our friend Rob has described, plus for all of the one million additional things we devote ourselves to while trying to advance in our own.  You are not alone.  Always remember, in order to receive praise you must first know how to give it!

MILFS We Praise You ALL!!!


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