Moving Forward by Giving Back Campaign

Moving Forward by Giving Back…

The MILFadvisors Mission is ‘Redefining our future through Motherhood, Inspiration, Leadership, and Feminism.’ Our main #MILFmotto is #MomsILikeFollowing, but there are many meanings of MILF like #MakingItLookFabulous and #MomsIntoLiftingandFitness (and yes, we are aware of a few others). Our point is: no matter who we are or what do in life- we define ourselves! Because being a MILF isn’t about being a hot mom; it’s about being a great mom… and THAT is what makes us sexy!

6 years ago when I started, my end-goal was to eventually start a fund for single moms in need of various forms of support when other public programs didn’t work, or in some cases, aren’t even offered, due to circumstance. Though everyone has different experiences, many moms face similar daily challenges and struggles regardless of who we are or where we live.  Although some issues are more serious or stressful than others and moving forward can be difficult, MILFadvisors was created to share everything from personal experiences & stories to ideas, info, recipes, resources, education, humor, inspiration, and most importantly… support. 

This is extremely important to me because I have been one of those moms in need of support, several times throughout my 15 years of motherhood. In my times of need, I didn’t feel like I had many people to count on. My family was across the country, I was living alone, moving forward was hard and like most mothers, didn’t even know where to begin to ask for help, but I knew I needed it- pride aside from the struggle.

As a single mom, I’d been rejected for health insurance, food stamps, legal assistance and even work- all because of circumstance. I was working multiple jobs, receiving little to no child support, making JUST enough money to put me above the “poverty” line for assistance, but barely able to feed my kids, let alone pay the electricity and rent. I’ve been homeless and have had to sleep in my friend’s kids bedroom with my two girls for several months. I’ve been physically and mentally abused in past relationships and had to battle it out with cops, counselors and in court successfully, but with little to zero representation- ultimately all on my own. I’ve cried myself to sleep not knowing how in world I’d be able to pay my taxes, let alone moving forward to save enough money for things like college for my kids, cars, insurance of their own, after curricular activities… any activities… clothes, school supplies, special occasions and all of the little things.

Moving Forward…

Through the miracle of a few helping hands and a non-profit for working moms that saved me twice, I was able to squeeze by and get back on my feet (still getting there). I vowed then that if I could make it through my hardest of times, that I’d do everything possible to pay it forward and help others like myself get back on their feet, too. This is just part of the MILFadvisors mission, and it’s the main goal of the MILFadvisors “Moving Forward By Giving Back” Campaign.

My story is only one among millions of other single moms who just need a little extra help to get by and get back on their feet. If you’ve ever been a single mom, are a single mom, know a single mom, or were raised by a single mom… you know exactly what we’re talking about. Even the smallest amount of help can add up to a lot of hope, and ultimately a lot of change, for working mothers and non-working moms in temporary situations.

Giving Back…

Moving Forward by Giving Back

Moving Forward by Giving Back Campaign

By purchasing a limited-edition t-shirt for the MILFadvisors “Moving Forward By Giving Back” campaign, you’ll be supporting other single mothers with similar stories, and contributing towards a fund that will ultimately aid in things like resources & research, project operation, fundraising campaigns and financial support towards the recipient mothers of our future 501c3 nonprofit.

It’s a grassroots effort ya’ll, and it won’t work without your help- but your support will make a difference! Additionally, 10% of all profits made from this campaign will also go towards The Shade Tree, a local women & children’s shelter in Las Vegas, NV. Together, we can all give relief to others struggling in their own temporary situations, and offer them the kind of support that will inspire hope and change lives. That’s exactly what “moving forward by giving back” means to MILFadvisors.

Help the ‘Moving Forward by Giving Back‘ campaign by supporting our MILFundraiser! You only have a few days to order before this campaign ends, so hurry and get your limited edition MILF shirt today! There’s a variety of styles, colors, and sizes- just pick and choose here! Or, if you’d just like to make a straight donation, we gratefully accept that too!

Thank you! We truly appreciate your support!  






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