Do you know how to plan a Halloween Fancy Dress Party? Halloween is fast approaching and here are a few tips, tricks and treats to make your holiday party a howling good time! by

How To Plan A Halloween Fancy Dress Party

Have you ever been told to choose your path? When I was 16 years old, I was working as a waitress for Bob Evans Farms Restaurants in Xenia, OH.  I loved working there, loved meeting new people and especially loved the tips I made on top of a $2.13 hourly […]

Choose Your Path… Or Pave Your Own

So you want to find a MILF? Around here, finding a good ‘Mom I Like Following’ isn’t hard to do… just pick one of our lovely, featured, empowering MILFadvisors in our About the MILFs section. MILFs are everywhere and anyone knows that in order to find a MILF, you have […]

Find a MILF: Mom I Like Following… Online!

MILF Misheard Song Lyrics: ‘We’re going downtown, and we’re turning around,’ when it’s really: “We’re going down, down in an earlier round.” ~Fall Out Boy, “Sugar, We’re Going Down”~ Nothing makes me laugh more than misheard song lyrics. I’m either belting them out loud, or laughing at someone else saying […]

MILF Music: Misheard Song Lyrics

Who’s your daddy- Sugar Daddy that is!   I’m sure many of you have heard of the phrase “Sugar Daddy,” but seldom do most people actually know what one is because it’s not normally something that is celebrated (much like a MILF). According to, a “Sugar Daddy” is: 1: […]

Who’s Your Daddy: Sugar Daddy Dating

The Ozonator: A MILFadvisors Experiment. Have you ever gotten irked because it seems like you can’t keep fruits or vegetables in the fridge for very long before they spoil?  My mom always said, “Well then just go to the store more often,” but who wants to waste time and gas […]

The Ozonator Experiment