About the MILFS

MILFS or ‘Moms I Like Following’

Where naughty and nice come together to re-discover the woman behind the mom, and EVERYTHING in between!

MILFSMILF Advisors (http://www.MILFadvisors.com/) is a community of MILFS (Moms I Like Following), Maidens and Men, who are raw, real, sarcastic and supportive. MILFS use the power of social influence and discuss tough issues, share humor and opinions and focus on healthy living- Body, Mind, Soul and at Home. Our goal is to change ‘Objectification Into Inspiration’ through our website, stories, posts, blogs, stores/products and events, but more importantly, MILFS celebrate liberation from the hot mess we call parenthood and we focus on ourselves. That may sound wrong or even selfish, but what many mothers seem to forget through the passing years of washing clothes, packing lunches, cleaning house, playing taxi cab or trying to be ‘Suzy Homemaker’ at the house or ‘Cathy Cut-Throat’ at work is this: We still deserve and owe it to ourselves to feel and look the best that WE can- inside and out! How are we supposed to teach our kids self-confidence and success if we don’t practice this habitually as well? We’re not just talking about ‘looks’ either. MILFadvisors seeks to rediscover the woman behind that mom you think you have to be and focuses on who you really are. Being a MILF is more than a name, it’s more than a label, or more than an attitude… it’s a lifestyle. You deserve to rock your own world… welcome to ours 😉

As time unfolds, you’ll see that the lives of our MILFS are no different from any other MILF Mama across this country.

Many of us face similar daily challenges and struggles, regardless of who we are or where we live.  Although some issues are more serious than others, we’re here to share our stories, stresses and recipes (as well as stories about stresses and recipes), while hopefully helping many of you through your own situations by relating and communicating with us MILFS here on the site.

We MILFS are not trashy, and no, this isn’t a sex-site (sorry guys), but seriously- admit it: there’s a little Devil and a little Angel inside each of us.  The MILF Advisors Mission is to ‘change objectification into inspiration,’ all the while, holding true to who we really are, inside and out.

We appreciate your continued support!  Please feel free to comment, post, share or submit stories for future content.  We love hearing from you so stick with us MILFS and you’ll see what we’re talking about!

Remember MILFS make it SEXY!!!