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Have You Seen My Cooter?

CooterI’ve been told that I’m a good storyteller.  Some are funny, some incredible, some almost unbelievable… but always real.  I get asked where I come up with these stories… and all I can say is from life.  I find a lot of things amusing or inspiring, especially through my friends… so when I was asked where I get my motivation to run a company like– I just look at my Cooter and smile.

Get your minds out of the gutter- I’m not talking about THAT Cooter… I’m talking about a small, ceramic turtle that me and several girlfriends each had back when I lived in Savannah, GA.  I was a married military wife at the time and had gone back to work to get me out of the house and make some extra money.  After several years of being a stay at home mommy, I was going stir-crazy.  I had been working since age 14 and until having my daughter, I had never slowed down.  Sure, the military wives group, recipe searches and scrapbooking projects I got involved in were great, but I have always been a completely social person in need of daily communication and lots of friends (and mind you, this was before MySpace).  I needed something more to keep a happy, but bored military wife stay sane.  So I got a job (again).

I answered an ad in the newspaper and ended up landing a sales position selling timeshare getaways from the brand new Bass Pro Shop that was opening.  They had hired a ton of people to get the store ready for its grand opening and I quickly found and met several other great women working there that I became fast friends with.  Work eventually became just as monotonous as staying at home, but I could always look forward to seeing my girlfriends when I was there.  As time went by, our group of women would sometimes go out after work to have a drink, meet downtown in City Market or hang out at each other’s places for a movie and wine.

Not all of us had kids (initially), however, we all had similar stories to share whether it was bitching about the husbands and boyfriends, various sex topics, work gripes, or whatever was new and exciting in someone’s world.  It was a good group of women and we all had fun together- so we decided to get together as regularly as possible for drinks and a good laugh.  On one of our early drink-induced evenings, my friend and I were running into the store to pick something up and spotted these little, ceramic turtles.  They were like one of those little craft-projects that you paint and put in flower pots… small and cute.  We used to call each other ‘Cooter’ as a raunchy, loving, pet name… so we decided that we would get each of our ‘Cooters’ their very own pet.

That is how the ‘Cooter Club’ officially began.

As time went on, we adopted other Cooters into our gang. Each new Cooter got her very own pet and we’d hold a special ‘meeting’ to honor her with her turtle and we’d paint them. We had sleepovers together and pajama parties, we threw pot-lucks and sex-toy parties (where my famed fresh guacamole was lovingly dubbed as “Cooter Paste”), and we’d celebrate birthdays and new jobs by calling ‘meetings’.  Yes, our husbands and boyfriends thought we were crazy, but we didn’t care.  For me, the Cooter Club was my special time to get out of the house, away from the stresses of kids, the husband, work, responsibilities… it was MY time to hang with the other women that were most like me.

Eventually, some of our non-mommy Cooters became mothers, others got married, and one even became a Cougar Cooter and a mommy too! It was experiences like these that we could share together, confide in each other about, and depend on each other for support.  It was also these very same ladies that were there for me and let me cry on their shoulders when I had found out that my husband was cheating on me and my marriage was ending.  They were my family; my Cooter-rific companions… and they got me through one of the most depressing times of my life- and some of my best.  They were there when I met the father of my youngest daughter (which in hindsight now isn’t so awesome- but it was then), and several of them were the first one’s in my delivery room when my youngest was born- with a beer coozy as my delivery gift.  Ahhhh how I loved my Cooters!

It’s been years since we’ve had the pleasure of spending quality time with our Cooters, although modern technology and social platforms like Facebook and Twitter have kept us in touch.  I still think fondly of my ladies, all of our stories, laughs, tears and cheers we had.  The Cooter Club is a part of my history that still inspires me to this day- some of the best women I know that gave me the strength and laughs I needed to look at life in a completely realistic, yet sarcastic way… much like MILFadvisors.

Whether or not these women ever read this- I hope they know deep down in that “very special” place, just how much they touched my life.  Oh- and if any of the old gang is reading this: I hope you all know that I still pet my Cooter! My ceramic Cooter.

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