The MILFadvisor as The Surrogate?!

98.5 KLUC The Surrogate Auditions

Picture: 98.5 KLUC The Surrogate Auditions

  What is The Surrogate?

When I first heard of The Surrogate, I immediately smiled to myself and thought, “I could SO do that!”  It’s a genius radio contest more related to a casting call than anything and basically, Lauren Michaels, who is one of the personalities on a local morning show in Las Vegas, had a baby and took maternity leave.  So in her absence, Chet Buchanan, Spence and the Morning Zoo at 98.5 KLUC, decided that they needed a fill-in for her while she embraces the early stages of MILFhood!  They created “The Surrogate” to find a temporary guest DJ and put the call out.  It’s one call that I, Abi Wright aka the MILFadvisor, decided to answer…

Radio in general, is a competitive, under-appreciated and highly creative field that is ever developing and constantly changing.  Not many people know this, but years ago, before I  even became a MILF (Mom Individuals Like Following), I went to school for mass communications (radio/television broadcasting), won scriptwriting contests and even landed my first promotions intern position with a local radio cluster in Dayton, OH.  I helped in the promotions department, created prize-packages, attended events and ran errands around the station for all the DJs while scooping up free CDs and tickets to various events when they weren’t claimed by winners.  It was an unpaid, dream-come-true!  On a radio remote one night, that’s also how I happened to meet my future ex-husband/father of my oldest daughter.  We met and three months later I moved across the country to Phoenix, AZ, with him- which was my first taste of the Wild, Wild, West.  We eventually moved back to Ohio briefly before he joined the Army, I got pregnant and had to drop out of my college classes.  Though I never technically finished my degree in communications… radio, you could say, is what helped me actually become a MILF in the first place! 

Ironically, it was also radio that led me to becoming a 2nd time MILF when, years later, I was living in Savannah, GA, post-divorce from baby daddy #1, and had just gotten a job with another radio cluster.  This time however, as an account executive in sales.  Literally after the first day of my new job, I went out with a group of my girlfriends to celebrate new beginnings and met my future baby daddy #2.  I would never have met him had I not gotten that job.  From this particular position, I also learned my first basic internet/web skills, as well as on-air production, commercial-writing, voice-overs and more.  Though baby daddy #2 and I never married, we were together for a year and half before getting pregnant and having my 2nd daughter.  Three months after she was born, we moved out to Las Vegas, Nevada- and I was back out West, where I still currently reside.

Fast forward 6 crazy years, 2 crappy relationships, a developing website and online organization of Moms I Like Following (MILFs) and 8 local moves later (yes, I’ve moved 8 times in the last 6 years).  I’m now a newly single, struggling mom having just moved yet again, into a new apartment and had recently started a new job and I also handle social media for a world-renowned local artist, ThoMADroStudios (Thom Madro), but even with these various positions, I’ve needed additional work to put money in the bank and food into my kids mouths.  I happened to hear on the radio how they were running a casting call for “The Surrogate.”  According to the commercial, all I had to do is make a 20sec video explaining why I’d make a great candidate for The Surrogate and if chosen as the winner, I will get the chance to be a guest DJ for a week, plus earn $2,500 from Dollar Loan Center! Cha-Ching!  To a financially strapped and  hard-working mom who barely has time as it is, I almost didn’t do it because it almost sounded too good to be true!  But with a little moral support from a great friend and fellow MILF, I decided I would submit my video for “The Surrogate.” It has always been a dream of mine to continue my passions in mass communications and there wasn’t any better time than now to get back in the game and hopefully, this time get behind the mic! 

The Surrogate; Put a MILF Behind the Mic!

So here I am, literally almost 15 years later than when I originally started out on my path in the radio world; Still entering local contests and still pursuing my dream- but now as a mother of 2 and with much more on the line.  I went ahead and put together a 20 sec video and tried to be original and fun, yet professional and precise.  Upon uploading and posting the video via SocialCam to my Facebook page, I immediately got a lot of support from friends, followers and even family.  Most exciting for me was that once The Surrogate video was submitted, I was mentioned on-air the next day and they even liked my ‘Moms I Like Following’ acronym!  The video also caught the attention of my old promotions manager from my very first radio job back in Dayton, OH!  He went as far as to writing the Las Vegas station, giving me a great recommendation and adding that I was “Loquacious,” which means chatty and talkative, but in a good way!  So Chet from The Morning Zoo, read the letter the next day on-air and even used the term as the show’s “Word of the Day.” I was able to Tweet them during the show to let them know I had been listening and that the letter had been sent on my behalf, much to my surprise, but was very much appreciated nonetheless!  It feels good to know that even after all these years, I made lasting impressions with people who still support my dreams from way back when and still believe in my abilities even to this day!

Abi Wright aka MILFadvisors Audition for The Surrogate –

This got me thinking about my whole journey in the communications field and where it’s led me up to this point.  I realized very quickly that had it not been for my passion for radio, I literally wouldn’t have had the experiences that led me to becoming a mom; bringing me out here to Las Vegas and eventually creating my network and online organization.  I honestly have radio to thank for that and in a lot of ways, it’s because of all of this that I can credit radio to leading me to become a MILF!  They say ‘Third times a charm’, and this is my third shot!  Now, if I win the spot as The Surrogate on Chet Buchanan and the Morning Zoo, I feel like I’ll be continuing on the path that I was meant to lead.  All of the experiences I’ve had in my life were just preparing me for loads of content and stories to be able to talk about, relate to the public and entertain the masses with!  Maybe I wasn’t ready way back when, but now the culmination of all my life’s ups and downs has made me ready for this next, big, hopeful adventure and the opportunities that  lie ahead of me because of it.  Just no more babies or men sweeping me off my feet… unless he’s rich, supportive and good looking!  Kidding… this MILF has finally learned that I control my own destiny and don’t need anyone but myself to make it happen!  The Surrogate is hopefully going to be that next step in the dream that I have control of! But I still need YOUR help!

Help me win The Surrogate, PLEASE!

Though the ultimate decision for The Surrogate is up to the discretion of the radio station, we can help influence their decision by my friends, family and followers writing in, calling them at 702.364.9898 and telling 98.5 KLUC that you want to see me, Abi Wright aka The MILFadvisor, to be chosen for this awesome opportunity!  Please help a mama out and write into or follow them on Facebook & Twitter and tell them why you think I’d make a great fill-in for a brand-new MILF herself! Good luck to Lauren Michaels and her new journey into MILFhood (Thug Life- her calling card) and make sure you listen to the show! If out of state, download the app to tune in and listen as well.  With your help, soon you just may be listening to ME rockin the mic and changing the world one MILF at a time… but this time, as The Surrogate!




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