The Ozonator Experiment

The Ozonator: A MILFadvisors Experiment.

The OzonatorHave you ever gotten irked because it seems like you can’t keep fruits or vegetables in the fridge for very long before they spoil?  My mom always said, “Well then just go to the store more often,” but who wants to waste time and gas money on that twice a week for a batch of berries? Not me.  I for one, am all about saving green, eating green, and being green.  I like making as little trips to the market as possible and getting all my groceries at once.  I’m also a bit of a fresh food fanatic however, and it’s hard to eat fresh when produce goes bad so quickly… until I discovered The Ozonator.

What is the Ozonator?

The OzonatorOkay, so I’m not a promotional model (yet), but when I was told about this neat little refrigerator gadget that helps keep my veggies and fruits fresher for up to a week longer- therefore saving me money- I was interested in giving it a test run.  But how does it do this?

The Ozonator is intended to promote a cleaner environment in your fridge.  When produced in large amounts, ozone is known to oxidize and will destroy many known germs, mildews, molds, yeast and bacteria that can cause sickness, illness, infections and disease.  Guess where a bunch of that nasty stuff can be found in the home… Yep: your fridge.  People transmit these germs by contact with food, containers and other surfaces inside of the refrigerator.  The Ozonator helps eliminate this, along with the odors caused from molding, decaying and leftover foods.  It keeps your fridge smelling fresh and clean and keeps odors from contaminating other products as well.

The benefit of The Ozonator is an obvious one: You save money by not letting your foods go to waste.  You may also save money by not getting sick as much either!  The Ozonator has been tested and proven by a leading independent laboratory to produce ozone in safe quantities, reduce odors and extend shelf life… But what about being MILF approved?  I had to try it out for myself.

In order to thoroughly run a comparative test, we decided to put a carton of fresh red raspberries in the fridge for a week without The Ozonator, then document the results.  Then, we bought a fresh carton of fresh red raspberries (same brand and everything) and stuck them in the fridge with The Ozonator for a week (actually 8 days because I forgot and went a day longer).

Below you’ll see our MILFadvisors video: The Ozonator Experiment

The Ozonator is a simple machine: small, quiet and fits nicely into your refrigerator hidden amongst the milk cartons and yogurt containers.  It only requires 4 size (D) batteries, you snap on the lid and it’s ready to go.

We had ridiculously fantastic results with this thing inside of our refrigerator and since keeping it there, have noticed all of our foods to keep longer and more fresh.  The Ozonator has also kept the fridge smelling different too- after having seafood, chicken and pizza left overs inside- but you can’t tell the difference!

So if The Ozonator couldn’t get any better: it totally does!

First, it’s reasonably priced and has a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase.  I’ve gone ahead and included a link both on the MILFadvisors homepage and RIGHT HERE for purchase (yes, we are THAT excited about it!).  Second, it’s an “As Seen On TV” product so it’s kind of a big deal.  Last, and probably my favorite: The Ozonator is co-founded by Lee A. Iacocca who is chairman of The Iacocca Foundation and who has personally contributed over $20 million dollars to diabetes research.  When you purchase The Ozonator, a portion of the profits will go directly to diabetes research; So not only are you doing yourself and your family good, but you’re also helping find a cure for diabetes.

Conclusion of our two week experiment: this thing is totally worth the little bit of money it goes for, does exactly what it says and completely passes the MILF test.  Do yourself and family a favor and purchase The Ozonator today!


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