Vanity Plates: The DMV vs. MILFadvisors

Vanity plates are one of those things that I had always wanted, but saw absolutely no reason in paying extra money for, without a specific cause… now I’ve got one.

Before MILFadvisors, I never had any reason to get vanity plates, but once I began my venture, my opinions on ‘putting myself out there’ had changed: I started branding myself; I saw the importance of marketing; I got a new car; and then my boyfriend surprised me by sending in and paying the $175 registration fee for my very first set of vanity plates… I was stoked!

The Nevada State DMV gladly accepted our money, no questions asked…. until a few days after Christmas when we received one of the most shocking, amusing and point-on examples of exactly why I ever wanted to start in the first place: To redefine the meaning of MILF and ‘change objectification into inspiration.’

Now, the DMV only allows for 7 characters on any given set of vanity plates. The whole process of trying to figure out how to manipulate the word ‘MILFadvisors’ into a 7 letter space takes a lot of trial and error. After much discussion, we had finally decided on “MILFVSR” which, I think, looks pretty cool and when read together (as most people do at a stop light), sounds pretty close to the actual site, making it somewhat understandable. On top of that, I also have a window sticker directly above where the vanity plate would be, that says ‘@MILFadvisors‘ and I’m planning on getting another one to go behind it that will state: #MomsILikeFollowing. If that doesn’t “explain” the acronym, then I don’t what would be any more clear than that… but it’s great branding, advertising and catchy as hell, if you ask me. For the first time in my life, I really wanted these vanity plates and couldn’t wait to put myself out there in the community, basically saying: ‘I’m a MILF…  this is what it means to us… check it out!’

So the DMV took our money, but sent us this letter (click the link to view- but be warned- they used profanity!) that we received, just as the New Year had began. I was shocked at the abrupt message and how it had been clearly written out… defined… objectified… and looked at in a negative light, without question or hesitation. I was immediately upset. This is the good fight I constantly battle. I have always understood what the general “street” definition of MILF had been labeled as, but what about my beliefs and the positive influence I’m trying to create with Why can’t an acronym stand for more than one thing? And then of course, with my luck, vanity plates- the one thing I’ve never had, wanted and got excited about- ends up being something shot down by the DMV… of all acronyms.

The truth is though, I get it. I went into this MILF venture knowing full-well what type of adversity I’d eventually face. I knew I’d have to one day, stand up publicly and defend my platform and beliefs. That “day” is apparently now on it’s way. It’s just funny that the very beginning of my New Year is now directly being questioned and challenged by the State of Nevada’s DMV, all because of vanity plates.

MILFVSR Vanity Plates

Because my moving permit didn’t expire until later in February (Valentine’s Day, ironically enough), I took a little time before responding. I didn’t know if I wanted to fight it and challenge their decision, pick different vanity plates with my name on it, or just get our money back and have them issue me a regular plate. The more I thought about it though, the more I realized that if I didn’t challenge the DMV’s decision, then I’d be giving-in to exactly what I’ve been preaching about and fighting against in so many other ways. I didn’t want to be a coward and I wanted those vanity plates, so, I contacted the State’s DMV office in Reno. I spoke to a very nice woman who told me that we could, in fact, contest the initial decision and get my chance to stand before a judge to explain the request for our vanity plates: MILFVSR. All the the judge can do is tell me ‘Yes’ or ‘No’… and regardless of the decision, at least I’m fighting for something that I truly believe in.

I had to fill out a form and called back a second time to verify that they had, in fact, received our request for the court date. I was told by another woman that they had received our request and it was being processed. She said that she had personally reviewed my site and really liked what I was doing. I was able to explain to her in my own words, what MILFadvisors was all about. She told me to tell the judge, exactly everything that I had just said to her. Granted, it’s not their decision anymore because it’s at the discretion of whatever judge I’m able to stand before… but if there is any additional information or something I can bring to support my case… then I should do so.

As of right now, we are still waiting to hear from the DMV on an actual court date for the vanity plates- should find out sometime this week,  but until then, I’m trying to put together whatever supporting evidence I can to back up my case. The thing that gets me the most is that the term “MILF” is actually ‘defined’ in the dictionary as an ACRONYM. An acronym is an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word. It can stand for any set of words: ‘Man I Love Fridays,’ ‘Making Idiots Learn French,’ ‘Masters In Living and Family,’ or my personal favorite, ‘Moms I Like Following.’  What’s even more funny is that the DMV, of all organizations, should understand this because ‘DMV‘ is also an acronym which stands for Department of Motor Vehicles. Of course, it very easily could also stand for Degrading My Values or Denying Milfs Vanity… I’m just saying.

I’ll be exercising the First Amendment of the Constitution, “Freedom of Speech and Expression,” which also mentions the freedom to petition… and I’ve happened to put one together for our friends, family, followers and fans to SIGN HERE. I’m hoping that with at least 1,000 signatures, the DMV may reconsider the denial of my vanity plates and allow myself and organization the right to free expression. If you have any additional suggestions to help me with my appeal, we would greatly appreciate your input and comments!

Please FOLLOW THIS LINK and SIGN OUR PETITION to show your support for our organization, MILFadvisors (Moms I Like Following), so that we’re granted permission to use the vanity plates “MILFVSR” from the State of Nevada DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles… just to be clear). Fingers crossed and here’s hoping, but regardless of the judge’s decision, your support is and will forever be, fully appreciated to indescribable lengths.

Thank you and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on the MILFadvisors Facebook page… Follow Us Here!

Don’t forget to SHARE the “MILFVSR VANITY PLATES PETITION” with your friends, family, networks and organizations, too!!!


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